About Secret Ponchos

A video game developed by Switchblade Monkeys Entertainment, Secret Ponchos is set in a stylized and iconic Wild West and pits players against one another in a fast paced and innovative new form of online combat.

  • Experience a completely unique combat style that thrives in a wide range of modes from intense 1vs1 stand-offs to chaotic 4vs4 all-out team battles
  • Master dynamic outlaw archetypes, each possessing a variety of deadly attacks and unique weapons
  • Compete against others using skill and precision timing: dive in and out of range, string together devastating combos and take cover to break line-of-site in order to regroup or plan an ambush

Currently available for the PS4 and launching soon for PC. 

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About Switchblade Monkeys

We are an experienced and passionate team of Indie game developers located, for the most part, in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

We started as a group of friends working in the industry on a variety of games with different large studios. Realizing we were full of unfulfilled creative energy and drive that needed to be resolved, we gathered the horses, circled the wagons, and got busy making Secret Ponchos as an independent passion project.

Our goal was to make a game that would go toe to toe with the quality of any studio game while simultaneously addressing our burning need to be able to take risks and create something unique and fresh. But most importantly, our goal was to make a creative, unique game that we felt had raw appeal and that we would want to play.

Contact us: info@switchblademonkeys.com